Corporate Governance

TransAct Technologies has long believed in the importance of sound corporate governance as a critical factor in achieving business success and supporting shareholder interests. The Board of Directors is fully committed to best practices in corporate governance in the fulfillment of its responsibilities to shareholders and to oversee the work of management and the Company's business results. TransAct's management and its Board of Directors are dedicated to ensuring that the Company continues to be governed and managed with the highest standards of responsibility, ethics and integrity. For more information regarding our corporate governance principles, practices and committees, please refer to the links below.

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Board of Directors
Bart C. Shuldman
, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
John M. Dillon
, Director
Randall Friedman
, Director
Emanuel P.N. Hilario
, Director
Haydee O. Olinger
, Director
Thomas R. Schwarz
, Director
Executive Officers
Bart Shuldman
, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Steven A. DeMartino
, President, Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer and Secretary
Andrew J. Hoffman
, Senior Vice President, Operations
Tracey S. Chernay
, Senior Vice President, Casino, Gaming & Lottery Sales
Donald E. Brooks
, Senior Vice President, Engineering
Raymond T. Walsh
, Senior Vice President, Food Service Technology Sales
David B. Peters
, Vice President and Chief Accounting Officer
Title Documents

Corporate Governance Principles

Standards of Business Conduct and Code of Ethics

Stockholder Communications with the Board of Directors Policy

Compensation and Corporate Governance Committee Charter

Audit Committee Charter

Nominating Committee Charter